Angola and ICAO renew technical assistance protocol

Angola’s government renewed the technical assistance contract with the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) on Tuesday to improve the national civil aviation supervision system, the transport ministry said.

In a press release, the ministry said that the contract had been signed today in Istanbul, Turkey, by the Angolan Transport Minister, Ricardo de Abreu, and the secretary-general of the ICAO, Juan Salazar.

Under the contract, the ICAO will continue to provide technical assistance to Angola to improve its national civil aviation oversight system, via operational safety, improving the level of effective implementation of standards and recommended practices (SARPS) by the ICAO.

The contract also foresees the implementation of actions at a legal and organisational level, in self-assessment and preparation for ICAO audit.

“The signing of this extension of the technical assistance contract follows on from the one signed in Luanda, by the ministry of transport and the ICAO Secretary-General, in 2019, designated AGO18801,” the document said.

Also, Angola’s Transport Minister attended the “Symposium to Support the Global Implementation of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO),” which will run until July 1, in Istanbul.

The symposium aims to “discuss solutions to leverage the sector affected by the covid-19 pandemic, in a context of economic uncertainty, bringing together airlines, airports, air navigation service providers, regulators, international organisations and partners, called to adapt to the new reality and provide safer and more sustainable travel experiences”.

Ricardo de Abreu participated in the first panel debate on the “Implementation and Support to ICAO Programmes: Pathways to Recovery of the Aviation Sector”, which also included his counterparts from Singapore, Turkey, Zimbabwe, the Secretary-General of ICAO and the Director-General of the World Airports Council.

In his speech, the Angolan governor reinforced the need for commitment at the highest level of support to the civil aviation sector as a vital contributor to the diversification of the economy and economic growth due to its transversal impact.

The transport minister stressed the need for collaboration with the civil aviation governing body, with a view to guaranteeing the effective implementation of the reforms already carried out by Angola, stressing, on the other hand, the importance of staff training, urging the need for support from ICAO in the constitution and start-up of the National Civil Aviation Academy.

The project to establish the National Civil Aviation Academy, under the aegis of the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC), aims to ensure the training and skills of national civil aviation professionals “at a time when the world is experiencing a post-pandemic transformation, where information technologies and digitalisation of processes will be the key to the future.

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