TAAG’s CEO: Very high demand and old infrastructure condition our domestic flights

The president of the Angolan airline stated that TAAG is still returning to normality and is facing problems in the domestic segment for several reasons, including “very high” demand.

“Vey high” demand and old and inadequate infrastructure are hampering the domestic operation of the Angolan carrier TAAG, admitted this Wednesday (15.06) the president of the airline, adding that several initiatives are underway to improve the service.

The executive president of TAAG, Eduardo Soria, responded to the press about the incidents that involved Abel Chivukuvuku on a trip from Cabinda, in which the politician admitted to having traveled without a boarding pass and questioned the empty seats on the plane, regretting the “disorganization” that harms “almost daily” countless passengers.

Without referring to the specific case, Eduardo Soria stated that TAAG is still returning to normality and is facing problems in the domestic segment for several reasons, including “very high” demand.

New aircraft
Still this week, he added, another aircraft should arrive to add to the domestic operation, which even so will not be enough to solve all the problems, which also involve infrastructure.

“That does not depend on us. When a market grows – and it seems that the domestic Angolan market is growing a lot – it is not just a matter of placing more planes or making more flights, it is also necessary to adapt the facilities to demand”, said the official. of TAAG.

To improve its ability to respond to current demand, the company is working together with the Sociedade Gestora de Aeroportos (SGA) and the Autoridade Nacional de Aviação Civil (ANAC), including on regulatory issues, with improvements expected by Christmas.

“This will take some time, we hope it can improve until Christmas with a series of initiatives that we are developing to offer better service in some areas, others are limited because constructions cannot be done overnight”, advanced.

New website and improvements
Eduardo Soria pointed to Cabinda as one of the airports with the most traffic, with “very old facilities” that need renovation.

“In this process, TAAG is just another customer”, he commented.

He also said that the Angolan airline “is aware that many things do not work as they should be, for a number of reasons” that the company is trying to prevent in various ways.

One of them will be through a new ‘website’, “totally secure” and that could alleviate the ‘call center’ “which is totally saturated”.

“There are many calls and many actions that should be resolved simply through the website”, underlined Eduardo Soria, revealing that the new website will allow transactions for TAAG flights operated with “all partnerships” that are being prepared.

“Currently, Iberia (whose inaugural flight takes place on June 27) is the main one, but it will not be the last one, and then customers will be able to buy and pay at any time in a safe and transparent way”, he declared, indicating that they will be “Other improvements” are included on the website that will be announced in the near future.

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